We are adalia.


We all have a story. The hardest part is telling it.

Starting as a tiny voice in her chaotic mind, Adalia grew to drive front woman’s, Corey Plant, musical and personal boundaries. Creating a world where Adalia is a saint with a sinners smile complete with her broken wings and twisted halo. Crowned in a realm where the Unspoken roam between the glamorous City of Reckoning and the Ruins of Identity. She embodies both the parts of ourselves we hide from prying eyes, and the parts we wish we could live by.

In her labyrinth of influences, she draws upon every element of the odd musical concoction she was raised on; from the dirt of Classic Rock and Punk icons, to the allure of Glam and vulnerability of singer-songwriters. Forever favouring lost worlds over reality. Fascinated with writers such as Stevenson, Poe, Grimm Brothers, no wonder her lyrics offer escapism clouded in a sweetly melancholic mist. She crafts intricate narratives where obscurity and truth coexist. Attempting to colour what would otherwise be a black and white world.

Following the release of her solo, debut EP, ‘Stray Hearts’ in 2018, she finally found fellow misplaced misfits to share her vision. Now Brighton-based Alt-Rock band, Adalia, take their first united steps towards enlisting new recruits into the army of the Unspoken.

Vocals, Guitar / Corey Plant

Lead Guitar / Sam Cotton

Drums / Jordan Hart

“There is something profoundly refreshing and unapologetic about this artist that we can’t help but love.” - Treble With The Bass